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Wedding Day Schedule?

It sounds boring, a schedule on wedding day but trust me it is a requirement.

A schedule or timeline ensures that you, your family and wedding party are where they need to be when they need to be. Delays can really disrupt your day and you want your day to run as seamlessly as possible!


I have a final consult with my couples between a month and two weeks before wedding day to piece their schedule together. By this point, details have most likely been worked out so it makes it easy to do. I create an hour by hour schedule of their day as it pertains to photography. They know where I will be, and where they need to be for the 8-10 hrs they have with me.

When should I be cutting my cake? Should I do speeches during dinner or after? I really want those sunset photos….when do we do those? All of these questions are sorted out during our meeting. To maximize the time your have with your photographer and get all the photos dreamed of, you need a schedule.


I also advise that couples share this schedule with the other vendors they have hired for the day. There may be conflicts and we want that worked out before the big day. It is ultra important that your vendors work together on wedding day. Every single vendor is equally important and helps to create your perfect day.

So, not so boring right? This small step can save you lots of headaches on your beautiful day!


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