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Unplugged wedding? Yes or no?

In this day and age of cellphones and social media, having a 100% unplugged wedding is impossible. However, that does not mean it should be a free for all either. So, what do I think the guidelines should be?

The getting ready process is a fun time to hang with the girls or with the guys. Many, many selfies are taken during this process. This is tons of fun and there are some great memories to cherish from this but none of these photos should be shared on social media until after the ceremony! More than once, over eager friends or family have shared photos of the bride to be and guess who saw them? Yup! The groom to be! You can imagine how that went over…..

The ceremony is the one time I believe guests should put their cameras away. Guests should be present with you on your day, not behind a lens. I think it is distracting for the bride and groom to have so many flashes and clicks. Last, they simply don’t need to take photos. That is why you hired a professional and all those photos will be made available after the wedding. If the bride and groom don’t want to have photos off limits then I suggest that they ask guests to remain in their seats to take photos, not in the aisles etc.


Family photos, wedding party and portraits. I always tell guests, I don’t mind if you take your photos behind me but I request they don’t use flash and remind them that we are on a schedule. Bride and groom portraits are personal and I do not allow photos during that time.

Receptions are so fun and there are so many photo opportunities so I say fire away! In fact, a wedding hashtag is a fantastic idea. Then the bride and groom can see all the fun photos from their night.


The number one thing for guests to remember is that the bride and groom have hired (and paid a lot of money for) a professional photographer. So just be aware of where that photographer is during key moments and be respectful and give them the space they need to do their job.


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