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Rainy Day Wedding Photos

In light of this very wet spring and my very wet basement, (yup, we flooded) I thought I would be appropriate to do my next blog post on what to do if it rains on your big day.

I want and need to say, this is not the end of the world! Rainy days are said to be good luck and rainy day photos are beautiful and romantic! The rain produces some moody, colourful skies and opportunities for some dramatic photos. It can even give you a rainbow!


First, have a backup plan if possible. Here in the Ottawa Valley, that is not the easiest as there are not a lot of options for indoor photos. However, I alway recommend greenhouses as an option in the rain. They are stocked with gorgeous flowers and greenery and the light is to die for.

Personally, I like to head outside, even in the rain. I tell my couples to elect someone to go out and stock up on umbrellas. Umbrella photos are fun and look great. They are be used for the wedding party as well as you and your new spouse. They can also be used in between shots to stay dry. I have amazing assistants who have held many an umbrella for couples.


A professional photographer will know just what to do to ease your mind and get the job done rain or shine. There maybe a slight shuffle in location and schedule to accommodate the weather but a true professional will transition without issue.

Last, stay calm. Unfortunately, we can’t control Mother Nature so it is best to just “roll with it” and enjoy every minute of your day, even if it isn’t exactly how you pictured it.


All of the photos in this post were taken either in the rain (in some cases pouring rain) or after the rain. All of these stunning couples trusted me with their rainy day and the results are breathtaking. It can be done!

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