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How to survive your HOT wedding day photoshoot

Summer is on its way – I think. Wedding season will soon be in full swing and I couldn’t be more excited. 90% of weddings take place in the summer months in the Ottawa Valley. These months tend to be hot and sticky. Here are a few tips to survive if your day is HOT.


Stay hydrated and eat! I know it is tempting to start the party early but I strongly encourage you to hold off. Alcohol leaves you dehydrated and that could turn into a major issue on wedding day. I suggest filling the cooler with water and bringing it along for photos. Also, eat! Wedding day gets busy and often people forget to eat. Have some veggie trays, crackers and cheese, and munchies. Even if you’re just grazing, at least your belly won’t be empty.

Bring sweat “dabbers”. Bring a handkerchief for both your and hubby to be AND the wedding party too! When the sweat starts to show or drip (lol) you can easily “dab” it away without disturbing your makeup.


Ask your makeup artist to leave your lipstick and some foundation (if possible). These days, makeup artists have handy setting sprays that do an amazing job of setting your makeup in place for the day. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup, just in case your sweat some off.

Leave a bit of time after photos are complete and your grand entrance. This gives you time to freshen up. You can re-apply makeup, deodorant and take a minute to cool off.

Last, if you need a break tell your photographer.  No one wants you to get sick, dehydrate or worse, faint on your day.  


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