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My Love/Hate Relationship with Pinterest

Pinterest… great for ideas and inspiration…..for some things. That old dresser you want to refinish? Perfect! Doing a bathroom reno? Absolutely! Christmas rolls around and I am all over that app for ideas. However, Pinterest can not plan your wedding. In fact, in my experience Pinterest can in fact give a false perception of what is actually doable on wedding day.

Here is the thing, those beautiful photos you see of tablescapes, floral arches, centrepieces etc? Nine times out of ten those are staged photos done for a stylized shoot. I know this because I shoot stylized weddings for magazines all the time.

Meaning…..that is not a real wedding. This means there is no budget for flowers, decor etc because it is ONE table. No food, venue, photographer and DJ to pay for! You however, DO have a budget. This makes managing expectations hard when you approach your planner and/or decorator.


This false perception is also true for wedding portraits themselves. Wedding photos can not be duplicated. Those photos you see on Pinterest are either staged or they are that couples “moment.” The lighting, location, time of year and most importantly, the emotion can not be copied.


Pin the style of photography you like, certain poses that appeal to you but don’t expect your photographer to copy a Pinterest photo. Your photographer will create your very own Pinterest moments for you! After all, you hired him or her for reason, their creativity and talent – trust that and let the magic happen.


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