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Just You and Your New Spouse…..oh, and your Photographer

So you finally get to be alone with your new spouse……and your photographer lol. The # 1 point I stress is trust your photographer. Do not worry about about the posing, the angles or your chin. That is your photographer’s job.

Next, relax and have fun! The absolute BEST shots are when you are in the moment with your new spouse. Laugh, cuddle, kiss – don’t be shy. You just married this person, you are madly in love, remember? Ha ha, sometimes this can be hard. You are most likely sweaty or cold (depending on your date!) thirsty, hungry and maybe a bit distracted with other wedding related details.


Here are some of my “rules” for wedding day couple’s portrait sessions:

NO one else is allowed to join us during this shoot. Not parents, no wedding party members – not a soul. These are intimate photos that do not require an audience. You will feel much more comfortable this way.

Next, no stressing about the wine, the buffet or how much Uncle Harold is drinking. I am quick to remind my couples that someone else has it under control and revert the focus back to each other.


Last, bring all the resources you need. For example: bring some water, have some appetizers brought over during your shoot (if possible), bring a hanky to dab sweat and have your lipstick with you for reapplying. Prep this before the wedding for smooth sailing during.

Very last – ENJOY a bit of time alone with your new spouse (and your photographer lol) it will be only time you will get until your day is over!


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