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Winter Wedding Photos? Here is how to do it! – Ottawa Valley Wedding Photographer

I LOVE winter weddings. The pop of colour against the snow, the cuddly, cozy photos and the accessories are just a few reasons why.

How do you comfortably pull off these gorgeous cold weather photos?

Be prepared for the cold. Bring your winter boots, parka and mittens. Warm up sessions in between photos will be needed.

Leave some extra time, the photo process in the winter is definitely more time consuming.

Have a “warm up” spot close by. A running limo, someone’s home etc.

Accessorize your wedding to fit the winter theme. Fur capes, wool shawls, scarves and cute mittens can all be incorporated into you and your weddings parties ensembles. Also, put your bridesmaids in long dresses so they can wear boots under their dresses – no one will know the difference and you will all have warm feet!



Add to the winter romance with soft blankets, matching mittens and other snuggling accessories for your bride/groom portraits.

Don’t stress over red noses, cheeks or hands. Post editing can take care of that – no problem!


Most of all – have fun! It may not be glamorous but it will be worth it when you hang those stunning winter portraits on your walls!


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