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WPPI, Vegas and what I learned…..

I love Las Vegas. I love the atmosphere, the energy and I love that in 30 mins I can be surrounded by mountains and desert. So the fact that WPPI is held in Vegas was a HUGE bonus for me. WPPI stands for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. It is one of the world’s largest photography conventions in the world. The worlds best photographers teach and attend.

You can imagine that this small town Canadian photographer was a little nervous to be there – I walked into the Expo and my jaw dropped, I have never seen so many photography toys in one place….it is seriously like Disney World for photographers. It took us two days to walk both convention centres and I wanted to buy EVERYTHING! However, I restrained myself and only bought a few goodies.

With your registration to WPPI you can sign up for classes taught by the world’s industry leaders in photography, can I just say these classes are amazing. I think a major part of being a photographer is that we all tend to think that we are alone in our struggles and in our journey, we feel like no one else can possibly be having these difficulties. I can say with so much confidence now that this is SO not the case. As I listened to the speakers, the questions from the audience, I found myself agreeing and nodding – a lot. I also found that the rest of the hundreds of people in the room were also nodding – these wonderful people share my dreams, my struggles, my goals and I feel about 1000 times better about where I am at in this amazing world of professional photography.

Now – one of the absolute highlights of my trip was my workshop with Katelyn James. She is my favorite wedding photographer and truly an inspiration to so many. Her workshop was a condensed version of her posing class and I learned so much in such a short time. Once again – as she shared her trials and tribulations I felt a sense of relief – I am not the only one with challenges! Even the very best feel this way!!! Thank you Katelyn – you are amazing!! The next? Hearing Jasmine Star speak!! Jasmine is one of the best speakers I have ever heard – I have taken a lot of online workshops with her but to hear and see her in person – was kinda a dream come true. So yes, I was also a little star struck on my trip too. 🙂

I included a bunch of photos from my trip – everything from my photos from the workshop, the conference, a night shoot Marcie and I did and last but certainly not least our road trip out to Nelson, Nevada where there is a ghost town – AMAZING spot for photos. We had so much fun and I finally have some awesome photos of myself to share!! Thank you Marcie, not only for my photos but for being the perfect travelling companion!

SO – I am rambling now but please stay tuned to Still Moments – in the future there will be some studio changes, new packages offered, some more personal blogs (something I am not so great at – so bear with me), new and innovative ways to share files digitally – yes I said it – DIGITALLY – just to name a few. This conference has beyond inspired me and got my creative mind working overtime.

Cheers to the future!!


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